AutoDistribution Garage (Service)

AD Garage is a concept of Auto Distribution International, targeted at achieving a high level of cooperation between distributers and garages, which leads to higher quality of service for the clients. The international network of AD Garage comprises of more than 4600 garages, and constantly strives for perfection, using the help of qualified technicians and mechanics, and also expanding the network, providing its clients with quick and quality services. In order to control the quality of AD Garage, AD International has established its own certification: “Authorized Repairer – Auto Distribution International”. The quality and efficiency of the AD Garage service is a main theme of the ADI concept. This is the reason, because of which each service AD Garage provides comes with 24-month international warranty for repairs and parts.

Auto 2000 presents you the opportunity to take part in the program and receive :

1. Membership in a famous European family of AD repair shops – over 4600 repair shops throughout Europe
2. Preferential prices, delivery and payment options for wares bought from Auto 2000
3. Online connection to the bases of Auto 2000
4. Trade and marketing support
5. Branding of the repair shop
6. Opportunity of adopting professional software for management and control of your service and trade activities
7. Access to technical information, coming from Auto Distribution International, which will be of huge benefit to your work on providing the service
8. Regular trainings and seminars, including visits to the main ADI training center in Spain
9. Euro!Car certification – certificate for master class
10. Technical hotline for solving problems, arising during a repair (direct connection with the training center in Spain)
11. Option to buy service equipment and tools at preferential prices
12. The clients of Auto 2000 will be directed to your repair shop
13. You will be included in the catalog of AD Garages in Europe and Asia

Criteria for AD Garage